Online almost have everything

8:07 PM

...including cell phone chargers. Yes, that is exactly true. Apparently, no matter how we keep the important things in our life and be organize, the fact is we are just human being and sometimes we misplace things. Take my BIL for example. He is a very organized person and always keeping track of all his personal stuff. But yesterday my sister told me that she can't go online yet because her husband use her laptop. They both each have laptops but her husband's laptop was out of battery. He can't charge it because he misplace his charger or probably he lost it in the airport. They ordered a new mac laptop charger online. I lost count already how many times my sister had to change cellphones and buy cell phone charger because she lost it. Every time I called her, she can't answer her cell phone right away because she either forgot where she put it or it's out of battery. She is lucky to have a husband that provide her luxury. She is not like me who worries a lot if I lost valuable things. Good thing online have almost everything from clothing to electronics and more.

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