Spirit of Christmas

9:32 PM

Whacha think of my

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This is it! I finally found a nice, homey and very Christmassy-ish template. It's totally free and I'm loving it? It's good to dress the blog sometimes to match the theme of the month. There are tons of free blogger and wordpress theme/template online that you can use to avoid spending your money for the design. Although Have you blog design by expert blog designer is an advantage as you will get personalize and customize look on your blog. That is up to you whatever you prefer Im sure it always come out great. For now, I'm feeling the spirit of Christmas and am using a free blogger template because I DONT HAVE AHH AHH AHLOY hehehe. Kidding aside by next year this blog will have its own customize design. So, new year, new design, and more new new. Merry Christmas everyone and may we all have a bountiful New Year to come.

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