Cancer Awareness Ribbons

Traitor illness

10:46 PM

One thing we could do to support cancer awareness is to use cancer awareness ribbons to let everyone know especially the cancer patient, victim and survivor that they're not alone. Cancer is a traitor illness. I remembered six years ago, my friend's aunt was brought to Cebu City for chemotherapy as one of the cancer treatment available. I'm familiar with the place so was there accompanying my friend's family during the whole treatment process. I saw how her health had deteriorating as well as her physical appearance like hair which is one of the symptoms of the treatment. So, they stayed in the city for months and rented a small apartment. By the time they went back home i was under the impression that the treatment was a success and that she will be better soon. I was shocked when my friend informed me that her aunt passed away. Imagine how traitor that illness is. You thought things will be better after the chemotherapy but surprisingly it's not. I find all the cancer victim who continue fighting and searching for cure. They are brave and courageous to face such agony. Let us help them find cure and support the research by buying cancer awareness ribbons.

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