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Most celebrity I saw on TV and big screen love to wear glasses. Wearing sunglasses is their way of hiding their identity while in public blending in with the crowd. There are so many purpose and reason why they wear sunglasses and one of them is to hide their eye bags because of the lack of sleep and rest. Other reason is merely for fashion and trend. There is one celeb that comes to mind when it comes to sunglasses, and that would be Paris Hilton. Seems like she has all sizes of branded sunglasses. However, if you are into sunglasses for fashion and personal statement then you would want to check out as your one stop shop for branded eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women.

Meanwhile, my brother love branded sunglasses and so is my other siblings. In fact in the family I am the only one who don't wear sunglasses too often. I can count the few instances that I wear sunglasses in public like 4th of July, vacation in Las Vegas and that was it. My sister gave me a nice and brand new Oakley sunglasses and that's the one I wear if I have to. It was few months ago when my brother asked me to buy him this polarized sunglasses from Oakley. The first question I asked was the price, and my jaw dropped to hear the number. For me, $400 is expensive already and that was the price he mentioned. I did not promised him to buy what he want but i asked my sister to look online or int he store near their place. I also did my own search online and found a website that has the same style and brand for the price that is twice as low as the original price. The sunglasses they have on displayed are all branded and original but the price is very affordable. My brother said that this polarized sunglasses was $400 in the store where he saw it but online it was only $210 plus free shipping, now do the math. Honestly speaking i have no clue why he finds this sunglasses cool and awesome. This is good for fashion and trend in my opinion. I guess sunglasses is for fashion after all.

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