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Gearing Up For Winter

9:01 PM

I always have a thing for shoes. Although I am most comfortable wearing running shoes or sneakers, I have to admit that there are many times that I do surf online for some casual shoes. I enjoy looking at new designs and compare prices. I do shop for shoes online a lot, but there is nothing like fitting it yourself in a shoe shop. It’s important for me that I would be assured that the pair would fit me and that I won’t have blisters wearing them for a long time. But of course shoes online assure us of excellent quality and have did not have problems with what I have shopped so far.

Now that we are gearing up for the winter, I am actually contemplating of getting another pair of boots that would keep me warm for the cold weather. Winter has been a little bit early this year, so I guess the shopping would have to be a lot earlier, too!

I checked and I found these sorel shoes goodness they have such gorgeous designs it’s quite hard to pick on the one that I would really like. I love all their designs and would be so perfect for winter! I don’t have any doubt they won’t be comfortable. Sigh. I can only wish for at least 3 pairs!

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