Joe Paterno, A Legend

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Who is Joe Paterno?

Paterno, nicknamed "JoePa," holds the record for the most victories by an FBS football coach with 409 and is the only FBS coach to reach 400 victories. Imagine that???

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Well I was watching the news couple of nights ago when I saw and heard about Joe Paterno. I first heard this name from a friend who live in Penn State. I asked my husband who is man Joe Paterno, and he answered me as if Joe-Pa is god. I heard and read the news about this contrversy and discover that Joe Paterno is indeed a legendary. Joe Paterno is Penn State. If you googled him, I'm sure you will find everything you want to know. But with the current controversy that tainted his name, it quickly added to his name and legacy. It's sad to know that a man worked his way to the top and a pervert person will dragged it down because of the media who have no mercy of putting Joe-Pa on fire without due process.

Where is the due process for Joe Paterno? The fact is that it is the media that lives in a cocoon! The media thinks that it gets to decide when it is okay to convict somebody without any due process. The media convicted him, and they also decided what his punishment should be. Nobody seems to have a problem with Sandusky getting due process, but not Joe-Pa. Come on!!! That man gave his life to Penn State, and because of the media lynch mob, he got fired without a chance to defend himself. That is why we have due process. We need to gather all the facts before we react and decide peoples fate. Shame on the media who clearly overstepped their bounds and got Joe Paterno fired

The legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno got his record-setting 409th win, the view of his storied, 46-year career suddenly is undergoing a stark revision -- tarnished by a child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State involving a former assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky. I read this at Today. The question is, why did they open this issue now when Joe Pa is already old and can't defend himself plus the media are just too much. I'm thinking there is someone behind the media who wants Joe Pa to stepped down and can't wait for the man to resigned. Gosh, this man is old and thi man really made Penn State as Penn State. He is not the one abuse the kids, there's no reason for the media for bringing his name to the mistake of other. A little respect to the old man because he did not do anything bad at all.

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