Belated Happy Birthday

5:20 PM

Yesterday was the husband's birthday. As I have mentioned in my other blogs, the gifts for dad was already given two weeks prior to his birthday. He prefers cash actually as he can buy the things he wants with it. My husband is a very simple fine man although he has some perk and quirks but they're all manageable now. I asked him what material things he love to received on his birthday and he answered me nothing. But since I wanted a early birthday gift, I made a deal to gave him cash and a free body massage on his birthday as gift, but he also have to buy the gift I want. It went well and we both got gifts for each other even if my birthday is still a month away. As for Christmas gifts, I'm thinking of getting him his favorite chocolate. That gift would be from the kids to their Daddy. However, since Christmas is around the corner, my father requested for a pair of shoes as Christmas gift. Anyway, belated happy birthday babe!

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