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Yes or No to a Pool Party

7:20 PM

A friend of mine is asking me to go with her to a pool party. I have not said yes or no yet as I have apprehensions, I am afraid and not that confident to wear swimsuits. But I salute my friend, she is a plus size woman and she still can flaunt her healthy figure even wearing plus size swimwear when the occasion calls. As for me, I still have a hard time reconciling the fact of showing off some skin, I am not used to it. Even though it is a common thing here, I still find it difficult to get into a swimsuit. But if there is really a need to wear one, like accompanying my kids in a children’s pool, then I am left with no choice. With regards to my friend’s invitation, I still have to think about it. If ever I’d go, I will not be wearing any swimming attire. I will just be there for my friend.

I don't understand though why of all party event ideas, she picked a pool party when it's 40 degrees outside. It's warmer during the day but the weather temperature is unpredictable. Another thing is, I feel awkward hanging out with this people because they are more of husband's friend. And the husband also don't like swimming.

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