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Second Dates that Never Fail to Impress

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You made it past your first date; she had a great time, right? Your second date is set up and you are looking for ways to really impress her. You are reading this to gain some insight and ideas. The problem with other similar articles is that they only list suggestions that match one type of personality, without addressing other personalities. They may be great ideas, but you may not have found something that matches your personality.

Here are a few tips you can utilize on your second date. More importantly, each idea will benefit a certain type of personality. There will be at least one idea that can truly benefit you.


Personality type: Outgoing/fun-loving/adventurous

Your first date was a time for the both of you to learn each other. Now, this date is a time for the both of you to learn what each other enjoy. From your first date, you should have learned what she likes to do. If you both are fun and outgoing, this date should be a dance date. Pick a great place for dancing and make it an all-night event.

Comedy club

Personality type: Quiet/introverted/easygoing

Your first night was probably a movie or dinner, but this night is a time for you guys to relax a little more. The first dates are always stressful -- almost like an interview. You both exchange questions and comments, learning a little more about each other. Now that the interview is over, it is time to actually have some fun. If the both of you enjoy quiet nights, you will have fun at a comedy club. Enjoy your time laughing at another person's jokes and reflect on your night afterwards.

However, depending on your morals or standards, you may want to be meticulous about your comedian. If your date does not like offensive language or crude jokes, you will want to find a comedian that has a clean act.

Riding around

Personality type: adventurous/profound/deep-thinker/outgoing

Some of the best times are spent riding around and enjoying each other’s' company. You may have learned a lot about your date the first night, but perhaps you can learn even more on the second date.

Drive with no destination; visit the places you find interesting; make your second date completely random. The excitement is enough to keep the date interesting.

Stay in the house

Personality type: Homebody/Introverted/profound/outgoing

You may think that staying in for a second date is boring, but in reality, it can be a very special kind of date. It gives your date the chance to see who you are as a person. Some people may think the second date is too soon for such a personal date, but others enjoy the chance to really see who their date is so early in the relationship.


Hopefully these ideas will help you with your second date. Perhaps you can elaborate on some of the suggestions and add your own twist to them. Have fun and let love grow.

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