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6:12 PM

Perhaps most of you who visited this blog regularly notice how addicted I am to auctions. Well, one obvious reasons for that is, the prices of the stuff are very cheap. Another auction site that I enjoy bidding is the free auction. Free stuff always great don't you agree? If it's free that's me. I could change my name to free now. Right now i am saving my credits so i can bid on the beauty product lots. There is another auction site that I found online called It is a leading online auction marketplace for wholesale, surplus and salvage assets. You should check this website out now and see their wholesale lots and variety of products such as computers, apparel, electronics and much more. I love the handbags from different bag designer. If I have extra cash in my paypal I might buy or bid on it. I hope it will still be open by that time because right is say there "closing soon". They accept paypal so payment using paypal is going to be easy for me since i used paypal in most of my online shopping and transaction. However, I am still waiting two items to get on my mail from this free auction. It's been a while since i won the those item.

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