Facial Wash

7:42 PM

I don't have acne so I don't need to find best acne face wash. But I used other facial wash that gives glow to my face. It's the only facial wash that works on my face and it's made in the Philippines. Acne is very common to teenager. Some causes of acne are due to dust or dirt, heredity, pollution, fatigue, or lack of sleep. When i was pregnant with my eldest I experience few acne and pimple all over my face especially the forehead. The cause of such acne was hormonal change. It cleared up after I gave birth. I have few scars in my face from pimples and acne. Anyhow, I was pleased to have my Pond's in my hand now. Do you know that for the past couple of years I haven't use any facial soap in my face? Yes, it's true. I get pimples if I used bath soap and the facial wash that I bought at the Giant Eagle is not working well with me. My skin is comfortable with the Philippine beauty product.

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