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Pittsburgh Airport Shopping

1:47 PM

After our trip to New York City I noticed differences at their airport and Pittsburgh airport. We went to La Guardia airport in new York. It is not as big as the Pittsburgh airport. Aside the the suckishly fact that there is not changing table for baby in their bathroom, there wasn't any trash can as well for the soiled diaper. Well, this may sound gross but i threw the dirty diaper in the trashcan which is intended for hands toilet paper i don't know the correct name for it. Anyhow, I also noticed that Pittsburgh airport has tons of shopping place and restaurant and easy access to some hotels. While in NYC they only have limited place to shop in their airport to buy things like souvenir and other things. I didn't shop in Pittsburgh airport folks. I have no money for it but you definitely find great things in any of the shopping mall in Pittsburgh Airport and good food too.

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