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The Top Two Chic Flick Movies For a Girls Night In

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Websites such as iGossip are a great online hub to find out all the latest celebrity news, fun foods and fashion fixes. You may have already browsed the site which is packed with the latest celebrity fashions, latest book releases and fun films to watch. So if you are planning a girls night in, why not rent a few girly films? But what are the ultimate chick flick movies to watch with your friends?

There is nothing like a good chick-flick to make you laugh and lighten the mood. If you are all in your pyjamas with your moisturising face-masks on and don't want to go to the DVD store, you can easily browse and download movies online. They can take up to an hour to download - depending on your internet speed - so while you wait, you have the chance to play a few games of Cheeky Bingo together and get the popcorn popping in the microwave. Push the sofas to the side, lay a blanket on the floor and get comfy in front of the TV.

The Devil Wears Prada is a feminine feel-good film, which also combines emotion and heartbreak. Anne Hathaway plays a character who is desperate to please her high maintenance boss. There are moments of comedy and tension, but there is a strong feel-good element when we see her struggles turn to successes. The film is based around a top fashion magazine which also gives you the chance to admire the designer clothes on show

However, the ultimate chick flick, secretly enjoyed by some men too, has to be Bridget Jones's Diary. Not only does it have two handsome actors, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, but so many women can relate to Bridget's bumbling character, who struggles with her weight, her confidence and finding her Prince Charming. Even if you have seen it before, it is a classic and funny film where you are constantly hoping she will find true love and happiness.

What else is great about this film, is that Bridget stays the same funny and accidental prone character, inside and out. Many other makeover films like Miss Congeniality and The Princess Diaries, sees plain yet down to earth women transform into glamorous characters, with better hair, a slimmer figure and amazing clothes. It is almost giving the message to women that they won't find a man, be happy and are not special or pretty, unless they match these glamorous female characteristics. Bridget Jones however, stays her realistic down to earth character who still finds love and happiness without changing her body or personality. There is nothing more uplifting than to see a woman comfortable in their own skin, which makes it the ultimate chick flick film.

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