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Friend moves into my dream home

6:47 PM

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

My friend just moved into my dream home. It is everything I have ever wanted in a house. There is the perfect pool in the back yard. It is a unique shape so it looks interesting, instead of a boring rectangle. There is an outdoor fireplaceand grill. It has the best porch for entertaining guests and having parties. The kitchen is amazing. There are three ovens and more counter space than I could ever use. The entire house is wired for anADT security system. Each bathroom is beautiful and equipped with a heated tile floor. I am not sure her house could be any more perfect. While I am very happy for her, I am also getting more and more jealous the more I see. I do not think I will ever have a house as wonderful as hers and it makes me sad to know my dream will never be reality. She is a wonderful person and she deserves everything. I do not want anyone to think I am mad or upset. I am just sad to come to the realization that this is as close as I will be to my dream home.

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