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Blog Designing and New Header

1:00 PM

Family-lifeonline.com header

First of, I just want to show off this new blog header designed by a fello mommy blogger at PMC group no other than Lo Sigrid. The theme was designed by Techie She. So, instead of spending big amount of money for blog makeover, I just asked this simple mommy who have talent in designing blog to give my blog a simple makeover. As much as I want to give my blog a total sassy makeover with Embossed Graphics, the cost for that kind of service and job is way expensive for me. I know lots of bloggers who knows how to make embossed image and graphics using their photoshop. I've been blogging for almost three years now but I have no talent when it comes to scrap design and blog designing. I paid a professional blog designer to design some of my blogs. So, if you want to learn about embossed graphics, you should check out the link provided.

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