Enhance Your Eyelashes

8:21 PM

Who doesn't want a long eyelashes? I do but, unfortunately there is no chance that my eyelashes would still grow. I remembered when I was little, I cut my eyelashes thinking it will grow longer. That's what the hearsay from back then that me and my friends heard and we literally applied it. I was still young so I cut my eyelashes only to get disappointed that it did not grow. None of my siblings either had long eyelashes so I guess there's no hope to grow my eyelashes any more longer that it is right now no matter what sort of enhancement except putting fake ones. However, as technology arise so many artificial ways and technology have invented that can help to improved your looks. There is this breast augmentation, nose lift, botox and the like. Perhaps, the best eyelash enhancer would do some magic so you can achieve the beauty that you dreamt of. Every beauty problems these days have now solutions as long as you have the money to afford it. Try other solution besides using fake long eyelashes. And guess what, tomorrow is Halloween try notice some of the celebrity or even young one. They will sure wear long eyelashes.

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