Lindsay Lohan

Scary Makeup of Lindsay Lohan

3:21 PM

It's a shocking appearance of Lindsay Lohan showed up to court with dark brown blush haphazardly smeared on her cheeks to hide her swollen face, it's very obvious that this starlet is in trouble. Her life is a mess, which was further proved yesterday when she was handcuffed and taken into custody for missing nine of her community service sessions. Her judge revoked her probation and dismissed the argument that she was out of town for work commitments. Lohan posed for her fifth mug shot with a scarily made up face and was eventually released on $100,000 bond and must complete 16 hours of community service at the county morgue before her November 2 hearing. Read Article source.

It's shame how her life turned out to be because of drugs and popularity I guess. I close up photo of her yellow teeth was taken during the red carpet appearance. Click the link above to see the look of her yellow teeth which also been a subject of scrunity. The teeth was possibly the result of drugs and smoking. Poor Lindsay, wasted her youth and fame for some stupid things. Can she still put her life back together?

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