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That First One

9:23 PM

This guest post from Hong Alexander

There’s nothing like the joy of the first baby but after that second one, boy, it gets boring being at home so much! I love my job and though I love coming home with a new sweet baby after a few weeks I get really restless and can’t wait to get back to work again. Not too long ago I went to to look into satellite because the baby sleeps all the time and it just didn’t leave me with much to do during the day. I’ve been reading a ton and trying to exercise but what I really want to do is just get back in the office and start handling cases again! I know I should have this maternal desire to stay at home all day with my little girls but I feel like I’m a better mom and wife when I’ve got some time to use my brain and get home at the end of the day tired and ready to rest, you know what I mean moms out there?

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