How to Dress to Make the Most of Your Figure

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Do you find yourself picking out what you think are gorgeous outfits in clothes shops and then frowning at the mirror when you come to trying them on at home? Are there any dresses in your wardrobe which you love but which make you fidget when you put them on as they feel tight here and there?
Dressing to look great is not just about choosing clothes you love; it is also about choosing pieces which match your body shape. Here's how to get it right:

Tall & Slender

If you fall into this category then lucky you! Show off your long legs with shorts; you can get away with cropped trousers with your height advantage. To avoid looking too severe, tops with floral or frilled details will show your feminine side and make the most of your bust line. Don’t be afraid to wear heels, though: celebrate your height!

Hour Glass & Curvy

The voluptuous 50s style looks great on girls of a curvy figure so never try to cover up with too many layers. Show off your waistline with a belted dress and v-neck tops. Got a hot date? For those girls who are from the UK dating can be a chance to have fun by dressing up to look their best.


It can be difficult to know how to dress when you have an apple figure but by choosing outfits carefully you can feel truly feminine. Emphasising your waist is vital. Choose trousers and skirts without pleated fronts for a neat look. The great thing is you can wear classy pencil skirts and heels with ease.


By drawing attention to your upper half you will balance your figure out. You can get away with tops and jackets with shoulder details or even statement shoulder pads and still look lady-like! Heels are also a great way of adding length to your legs, but steer clear of fuller-shaped skirts which will emphasise your lower half.


Finally, athletic ladies are blessed with enviable toned arms which really should be shown off with capped and spaghetti sleeves. They are also one of the few body types which can handle pleat front trousers (when they are in fashion). Watch out for looks which emphasise your shoulders as you may end up looking broad!

If you are updating your wardrobe for dating, knowing how to dress to accentuate your best will really give you confidence.

Dressing for dates is not all about face value. Dating is also about finding a match on deeper levels. Sharing values with someone you’ve met online is important. Whether you’ve met through mutual friends or online Muslim dating partners, Christian dating partners or partners with any other shared religion are more likely to be long-term compatible matches.

Have fun revamping your wardrobe and, you never know, you could find love as well!


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