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10:10 PM

Having toddlers can be the most precious thing in the world except when during their first visit to the Dentist. Just like any other children, mine are somehow afraid of them even though they haven’t experienced being treated by one yet. I guess it must be their uniform or face masks that give kids that instant creepiness.

Because they are already scared as it is I wanted to find the perfect family dentist for us, one that specializes in children as much as he or she can deal with adults. I would like their first trip to the doctor to be as carefree as possible so that they could forget their phobia.

A lot of my friends have referred their Orthodontist, those that they have worked with for a long time, but I am still trying to check our area for someone who really specializes with kids. I had the dentist-phobia when I was a child and I really don’t want my kids to go through the same thing I did, keeping in the pain just because I was too scared to go to a dentist.

Thankfully, my parents met a nice female doctor who worked so well with me that I overcame my phobia. I’d like my kids to have that same experience even if it’s just their first time. I want them to know that dentists are their friends and a trip to one actually keeps them healthy.

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