Model Search for Plus Size Women

12:10 PM

One time while reading a magazine, my eyes caught an advertisement about a model search. A clothing company was looking for female models, specifically the search was for plus size females. The clothing brand was launching a new line of plus size dresses. The advertisement also stated that the chosen women will romp off in a plus size fashion show wearing the new line up. It was actually a welcome change for me. I often see slim and slender models in print ads and in TV and seldom do I see plus size models. It is somehow a good way to start recognizing that even plus size women are equally beautiful with their counterparts.

Giving birth a few years ago made me gain weight and therefore adding numbers to my clothing size. But I do not mind at all, my confidence has not gone to a low level but in fact having a child of my own boosted it. I am still loved by my hubby and will forever be beautiful in his eyes. No matter what my size, as long as I am happy and healthy, the outfits I wear would just jive with my outlook and perspective in life.

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