Wedding rings

Wedding Bells

11:56 PM

June is approaching and I'm sure there are lots of wedding bells going on. Most people now have adopted the modern life but I think there are still a few who wants to be wed on June and be called June bride. If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, wedding rings and wedding bands then scott kay might be the one you would be looking for. It really doesn't matter the kind and price of the wedding rings that you can give to your sweetheart but I'm positive that she will be ecstatic if she sees brilliant sparkles in the ring.

Anyway, speaking of wedding, one of my closest friend in Cebu City is going to get married this week. May 18th will be their wedding. I am so happy for her but I;m sad I couldn't be there to witness her special day. I love wedding specially if you know the couple. So, even if right now she's probably super busy preparing for her coming wedding and find less time to check online or perhaps read my blogs, i still going to greet her best wishes and congratulations!

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