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Mowing No More

11:54 PM

Just this month only my husband had mowed the grass in our backyard for three times already. The grasses grows so quick. He mowed it again last Sunday and now it started growing thicker again. But he is not worried about it anymore because that would be his last mowing chores he can do for very long time. I have said many times in my other blogs that we bought a house and fortunately we got lucky to get the one without grasses in the backyard. We will have the closing on Friday and after that we will start moving our stuff one furniture at a time. I am not sure if we will hire van since four of my husband's friends offered a hand on the moving. Anyhow, my husband is planning give the mower to our next door neighbor. He doesn't need a honda generators I guess since he will have extra mower that he can use anytime plus his back yard is not that big. Our next door neighbor owned a solid steel straight shaft which he uses once in a while when he mowed the front yard of his house. Soon he will have two mowers.

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