The Big Brother's Request

11:38 PM

Last week, I chatted with my big brother over at Facebook. I thought he was back on board already but I was wrong. He was still in the mainland and currently living in his apartment with his daughter and girlfriend. That was the longest chat we ever had. He requested for the first time also to buy him something, definitely not hgh supplements since he doesn't need this for now. He is still young and in good shape. I was gonna say no but I did not because this is the only chance he can have something he want from us. My sister and i checked the thing he love to have as he sent us a link to the website to where we can purchase if for like almost $400. It's very expensive and I can't afford to buy it with my own pocket money. Good thing my sister in Vegas had promise him to cheap in with the amount. I told my sister to buy and I'll just reimbursed her

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