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The Importance of Credit Rating

7:13 PM

I’ve been here in the US for almost four years now but until recently, I didn’t realize how important it is to have a credit score. I thought it was the same as back home, when everything was better when paid in cash.

I was surprised when I applied one time for a credit card and I was denied because I had no credit history. I didn’t know it was important to have one because I just assumed we would always have to use my husband’s cards. Without a credit score, I wouldn’t be able to file a loan for a car or a house, or for tuition for my kids, or even for a small capital should I decided to open my own business.

Anyway, I’ve decided to talk it out with my husband to know how I could set my own credit history. Applying for a credit card would probably be our first step after we move. I know I would be a responsible credit card user since we’ve never been late on any payments and I’m not really an impulsive buyer. I just hope I get approved. Hopefully, by next year, I have a good credit rating when I check my free credit score.

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