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Watching Disney Movie Special

6:48 PM

I like watching shows on Disney channel. As a matter of fact I am currently watching the repeat of prime time movie of Lemonade Mouth because I missed the premier. I did not able to watch the first part because we were at the park. This is the thing I like with Satellite TV as it gives you the leverage to record the show you have missed and watch it some other time. With Direct TV you have access to HD or high definition for free and basically batter that any regular cable provider. There are tons of shows I want to see in which I can only access it through direct tv. The other thing with Satellite TV from Direct TV is you get free HD access and pay a minimal amount with total fun entertainment.

As of now, we paid more with cable just to have HBO channel and watch latest movies on HBO or starz but it was more expensive as we paid more than just the minimum to add the HBO and starz to the package. The problem is, not all the time we can watch the shows we want to watch because the cable also have its flaws. One time my husband was looking forward to watch the college basketball but the cable was bad. My husband and I are considering the idea of switching someday to something more reliable entertainment provider to get the most of what we want.

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