My own salon!

9:54 PM

Authored by Greg Fletcher
I own a hair salon in Massachusetts and I am actually living the dream! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to own my own business and I can’t believe I’m finally doing it. I feel so successful and accomplished and it amazes me every day that I actually have my own employees! When I first bought the shop there were a lot of changes I needed to make, mostly cosmetic. The outdated décor décor was not great and parts of the store needed to be completely remodeled, so I spent a lot on decorating and getting the look just right. Another thing the place lacked was professional services for the employees. There wasn’t even a breakroom! I quickly set one up and got satellite so they could watch TV during their lunch, and also did some research at to make sure we were set up with a mobile internet connection. My stylists love being able to recharge when they’re not cutting hair and I think their work reflects better for it! I’m trying my best to be a good owner!

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