Gladiator Sandal

Gladiator Sandal

5:38 PM

Gladiator is the latest foot wear style that is totally for fashion. I wanted to have one of these but I don't like the one that has high heels of some sort. I like flat sandal. But the thing is it's hard to find one that would fit to our budget as well as the size of my big feet. I have size 8 and sometimes buying a shoes can be hard for me. There are few size 8 that looks nice but the entrance is too small. Aside from the horrendous size 8, i also have fat and wide feet. Anyway, last Thursday while i was uptown i stopped by at the bargain store and found a Gladiator Sandal for 10 bucks. I don't care if it's second hand or what, because the things is it's size 8 and it is still in good condition. It almost look like new to me.

This is my official entry for Chic in Black Monday.
mytotsexactly CIB Monday

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