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Wedding Motifs and Bridesmaid Dresses

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Two of my friends back home got hitched last year. Too bad I was not there to witness their wedding and probably be included in the entourage or guest maybe. They shared the wedding pictures to me in Facebook. One of my friend had green motifs during their wedding and the other one friend of mine had maroon motifs but the bride and their bridesmaid dresses were both fantastic. I saw lots of maroon motifs for a wedding before but not with green. I think I like the green better.

Preparing for your wedding is not only stressful job but it is also expensive. If you hire for wedding planner it probably lessen the stress level but you have to make sure you have the money for it. You have to spend money for the wedding favors, reception, invitations, the dress for the whole entourage and more. By the way, if you are planning for a wedding this come June or you have a friend who is still in the situation of finding the best dresses for their bridesmaid, you can refer to them the website You will see lovely dresses for bridesmaid and for different occasion. Best wishes.

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