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Moving On

5:52 PM

We shopped for new toddler car seat for my little lamb chop after new year's day but it was only yesterday that my husband got the chance of putting it up and replaced the baby car seat. I really can't tell if my lamb chop like it or not because when she was sitting on it when we went to the park yesterday, she looked uncomfortable but did not complain. On our way home she cried and wanted to get out because she was sleepy.

My lil lamb chop is indeed growing like a weed. She is now using toddler car seat and soon she will be moving on to a big girl bed. With that being said, we need to start looking for mattress and bed. A mattress for sale would be a good idea to save a little. I am thankful that my MIL handed over to us a heirloom bed for Jake and we bought mattress on it. Justine have been showing interest on Jake's bed. She always sneaks out going upstairs and stay in Jake's room reading books as if she knows how to read. So, next on the list will be bed and mattress for Justine.

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