excessive fatigue in women

I want to be a super Mommy

11:30 PM

Although I haven’t been sick too much lately, sometimes I still feel kind of tired without really knowing why. I mean I still do the same chores and routine as I did before but somehow I get tired easily nowadays.

Maybe it’s because my kids are growing up too fast and keeping up with them takes more of my energy than before, or maybe it’s just my age, I really am getting older. Or, maybe it might even be excessive fatigue in women. I’ve read this online some time ago and I never really knew about it until then.

It’s actually related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the signs that point to have it are a lot and may be experienced simultaneously. I personally don’t want to think I have it, but it’s better to just read about it and then be prepared for it. For now though, I’d just rather think it’s the time I give to my kids. I get tired because I have daughter in nearing her terrible two stage and a son who is 3, which they say is even worse than the terrible twos.

I know they will both taper down as they grow older. I just need to hang in there for a couple more years. I can do it. We all can be super moms when it comes to our kids and families, right?

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