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Mr. Smart Shopper

10:01 PM

I just can't get rid of this statement in my mind, that the difference between single man and married man is..."Single man do and buy things they want, while married man do and buy things they need, which is really true. I have been observing the life of my husband and his single friends. Every now and then his single friends will call him and ask him to go to Vegas, watch concert or go to a football game or just hanging around in the bar. But my husband will always say no to all these offers. He knows and responsible to understand that he have family at home to look for and keep safe.

Then, when it comes to shopping. Before we go to the mall and buy branded jeans then come home with a sigh because he spent over 50 bucks for just one jeans. He shopped for working shirt once or twice a year because it was kind of pricey. All these had changed when he found out that he can buy jeans and working shirt at Costco for less. Last week, we bought four pieces of working shirt and 4 pairs of jeans and he was so happy with what he bought. He is now Mr. Smart Shopper who looks for quality, durability and quantity with out sacrificing the budget.

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