Cable vs. DSL

1:23 PM

I came here in the US last 2007. My husband already described to me the look of his studio type one bedroom apartment when I was still in the Philippines. I did not ask for any photo because I thought it doesn't matter. But when I saw his apartment for the first time, I feel like I'm gonna suffocate because it was really small. Then, he told me he disconnected or cut the cable because it was too expensive. He was using DSL and 5 year old super slow computer. Since he did not have cable then he had to use two different indoor tv antennas to get the channel he wanted to watch like sports and other prime time shows. He switched the antenna every now and then. It was a tough time on my part adjusting the place and trying to enjoy the kind of entertainment I could get.

Nevertheless, days passed and we able to have the cable back. We did not get the premium cable box but it was enough to watch good shows everyday. The year we moved in to this house we are renting right now, we upgraded our cable to where we can watch movies in HBO on demand and Starz. I hide our TV antennas because we might be needing it someday. Cable is not that expensive but not cheap either. But the great thing with it is you will get fast internet connection.

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