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Post contributed by Leonard Phelps
In order to get my children to not lose all their academic gains they made this school year over the summer, I think I am going to develop a reward system where they can earn direct tv viewing time by completing various “homework” tasks. My 3 grader could use some review of multiplication facts, so maybe I’ll print him off worksheets, and for every one he completes, he will earn 30 minutes of tv time. I could do the same thing for my kindergartner with his sight words. If I don’t do something like this, I know we will let the summer get away from us without reviewing any school work at all, and the next thing we know it will be August and they will have forgotten everything they had learned the year before. I know my kids, and I know myself, and I know we will need some sort of plan around this to make it happen the way it needs to. I want my kids to succeed in school. It is very important to me.

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