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Searching for fun, love and soul mates isn’t just for us mere mortals. Celebrities are logging on to find their perfect match. Modern, high-flying and famous singles are choosing online dating sites to meet true love without the famous identity getting in the way. Whether you’re looking for friendly fun, Asian dating or long-term companionship, letting others know exactly what you want ensures you are chatting to those who want the same thing too.
From movie stars to pop stars, we’ve found a few celebrities who have been online to find love. Many celebrities want to shake their superstardom off for a while and be normal, speak to ordinary people and get to know people without other’s being dazzled by their fame.
Celebrities dating online
We see them on the big screen at the movies or watching them in our favourite TV shows, acting out grand displays of love, lust and heartbreak with other famous actors. We never imagine them wanting to hook up with someone, juggling real-life problems and laughing about trivial things, when in reality they are just like everyone else – normal. Online dating allows celebrities to find compatible singles online without people being ‘star-struck’.
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Halle Berry
Gorgeous and talented Halle Berry is reported to spend time chatting on online dating sites. Full of fun and adventure, Berry admits, “I am never who I am,” allowing her to be free in her character and opinion. She wanted to find out what everybody is talking about, adding her own comments to dating forums.
Chace Crawford
Gossip Girl hottie Chase Crawford admitted he’d gladly use an online dating site, as he finds it hard to date. Creating online aliases allows him to express his desires, find friendship and explore different matches.
Joan Rivers
Older, wiser and searching for true love – Joan Rivers gets straight to the point and explains exactly what she likes in men on her dating profile: “I love smart men, funny men and elegant men.”
Joan Rivers at Musto's 25th Anniversary
Lindsay Lohan
In the movies, in the news and in the music, Lohan is known for her youth, naivety and carefree spirit. This starlet is looking for love and companionship, much like everyone else. Although Lohan has said she would never consider online dating, finding love without the celebrity factor may be useful to her.
Jennifer Aniston
In and out of love, Aniston never gives up on finding her perfect match. It is reported that she has hired a professional matchmaker to help her find Mr Right.
Meeting new people who are interested in the same things as you can be tough out on the town. Online dating allows you to tell the free and single world what you’re all about and what you’re looking for. Honest online dating profiles allow the famous and non-famous to be matched with prospective life partners who share the same values, humour and goals.

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