Ditching Group Website

8:34 PM

End of last year I created a website voluntarily for this group I am member with. This is pretty special group because all the members were from the place where we all started our lives. It was our birth place. It's good to see and talk to our old neighbors and reminisce the good ol days. I gave the admins password to the website so they can update it but unfortunately none of them tried to logged in on it. I got busy with my own millions of site that I totally forgot to update the group website. Last week, I update it and announced to all to visit the site and if they need log in info I would be happy to give it to them. I am torn between keeping it for myself or just ditched it until someone will volunteer to manage it. I just leave the site as it is for now. I wanted to gossip all the funny things but I'd just rather keep it to myself for now. This gossip site is best for secret outlet to talk about people that no one really knows and no one really cares

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