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New Year, New Car

12:50 AM

Our car is as old as ages. It survived the 13 years of going in and out to the repair shop. We sacrificed the outings this summer in order for our car to pass the inspection. The registration will need to be renewed by the end of this month. We are thankful this year that we never spent over $200 for any repair and maintenance. It's part of the plan to buy a new car next year. We are willing to take title loans if ever we don't have enough budget for it. Life is so tough this year because we just bought a house. We even canceled out trip because we have to prioritize the most important thing. My husband have been surfing online looking for good deal with car and some place to get car title loans. He haven't found a website yet but he already gathered information from different website. A title loan is definitely a great option because it let you get the money you need by borrowing against the value of any vehicle that you own with a free and clear title in your name. So, far our car is not that bad as we thought it would. For a car that lasted for many years, it is a guaranteed that this car is probably will last for another year or two. So, we'll see what we will be able to come up in the future.

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