The HCG Diet

8:07 PM

There are so many diet fads and crazes trending everywhere. Seeing those amazing “before and after” TV commercials of weight loss programs and those promising “lose weight even without trying” can prod anybody wanting to lose those extra baggage and those unsightly fats, bulging tummies and love handles. Among these popular diets is the HCG diet. Developed by a doctor who believed that hormone found in a pregnant woman’s body can help overweight men and women lose weight. The HCG Diet consists of a very low calorie diet in combination with HCG hormone treatment. The HCG hormone changes your eating behavior, combined with a low calorie diet, you lose weight. The HCG helps to burn the “mobile fats,” those stored in the hips, thighs, belly and upper arms. There is also an HCG Diet program that includes recipes, meal planner, menus, tips and the HCG diet protocol. The HCG Diet requires no exercise, it is an all-natural hormone and organic substance and is safe for both women and men. There are also no injections, diet pills, or diet sprays required, just homeopathic drops under the tongue. You can still get the nutrients your body needs and still feel full. With HCG diet, you can lose 1-2 pounds per day and more people see results in just two days. It is really promising. Visit for more information or check out their page on Facebook for updates.

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