curt trailer hitch

Being Observant

8:57 PM

Dairy Queen is one of my husband's favorite place because of the ice cream. Every time we go to his Mom's place in the country during the weekend, we always stopped by for a cone or two of ice cream and burger. During the summer and even late spring and early fall where dairy queen shop still open, it's always crowded with people of different ages. Apparently, we are not the only family who dropped by at dairy queen. One time i was outside the car waiting for husband, i was observing the locals with their trucks and cars. Most truck and van has this curt trailer hitch while the those small car don't have. I got curious so I asked my husband what is that thing for the sticking behind the truck. He said it's for the trailer or boat to connect. And since dairy queen is just a few minutes away from the trailer camp, camp site and water park.

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