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Shopping in Las Vegas
One of the fun things we did while vacationing in Las Vegas was shopping. There were so many awesome stores with lots of great deals to choose from. That one night I took my son for a shopping in Marshalls I bought him a pair of shoes for 4 bucks and he picked up a train toy. Then, the next day my sister and I took my lil girl to a shopping and she was picking up everything. I did not buy all these stuff she was holding because I still have to buy shoes, bags and t-shirt for myself.

I couldn't find a T-shirt or dress for me but I bought a pair of shoes and designer bag. My sister had this catalog of teen fashion and teen clothing. I went online and saw their wide selection of adult tee shirts for sale. They have personalized and custom adult T-shirt. I found couple of custom T-shirt for my husband and son that I would love to buy on my next online shopping. I spent all my pocket money in Last Vegas and I'm waiting for payday so I can shop online.

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