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What would you do if you son admit that he is gay? Places like Philippines, gay people are totally accepted in the society despite of the fact that this county is a roman catholic. There are few places in the US that approved gay marriages and nothing wrong with that. Anyway, a kid made a confession to his mom that he is gay. The mom and step dad sent him back to the mother's country for some reason that he is not speaking the dialect he grew up. But I'm thinking there's other reason why such action done to a kid who adopted and embraced the American life. When I found out that he told his mom he is gay, i'm thinking that must be the reason. The kid is now currently living back home away from the civilization area where computer and internet are not accessible. Now the question, what will be the kid's life after being sent back home? Sending the kid back home is a good decision? This is just a gossip.

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