Cable vs. Satellite

8:10 PM

Which do you prefer a cable or satellite TV? Well, we are currently using cable and even if my husband and I talked about switching to different TV provider we still stick to cable. When my daughter broke our cable box we requested for a new box converter and subscribed to HBO on demand. However, when we were in Las Vegas I have noticed that most people in my sister's neighborhood are using Satellite. My sister doesn't watch any TV shows but instead they watch movies. They subscribed to a Netflex that has updated movies. Watching movies is fun but I think watching TV shows and get updated to latest news, sports and more still different. I will choose between cable and Movies on Satellite TV along, I would still prefer the traditional one. The cable has also access to movies, and so is the Satellite I guess if you choose the right package. In my sister's house they don't watch TV shows. They rented movies and they watch movies on Netflex. My son had wonderful time watching their collection of Thomas and Friends.

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