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Would you like to know the secret of growing your hair faster? Well then, this article I read from Shine will guide you to have great long hair. Pamper your hair, eat well, and use mild hair products will also help give the perfect hair you ever wanted.

1. Rub and Scrub. "New hair has trouble sprouting through a layer of dirt, oil, and old skin cells," says Kingsley, who suggests massaging your scalp vigorously with a scalp brush or the pads of your fingers for two minutes preshower.

2. Pamper hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners that contain moisturizing shea butter or avocado oil. They keep strands saturated - key for growth since brittle, splitting strands break off before they can get long, says San Francisco derm Paradi Mirmirani.

3. Rethink Your Styling Routine. Heat and friction can damage hair's protective covering, or cuticle, making strands susceptible to snapping off. Detangle with only a wide-tooth comb, use heat-shielding sprays prestyling, and declare Sunday a lazy-do day.
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Brushing your hair 100 times every night is good practice to grow your hair faster. I used to apply this to my hair when I was growing up. There you go ladies hope you will find this article helpful in growing your crown and glory. You can visit the website and find more tips about pampering your hair and the likes.

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