Taylor Swift Wins Album Of The Year on Grammy Awards

4:35 PM

The 20-year-old country cutie who has been on a winning streak for months with her hit album, "Fearless" won four Grammy Awards Sunday, including the night's top prize, album of the year. Earlier in the evening, Swift performed her song, "Today Was a Fairytale," which apparently became more and more true as the night went on. She also sang with one of her heroes, Stevie Nicks, on a mash-up that mixed Nicks' hit "Rhiannon" with Swift's award-winning "You Belong With Me."

Swift said she was excited to find a place for her four awards, which included best country song and best female country vocal for "White Horse" and best country album for "Fearless."

The singer struggles to hold on to all four awards she won, with disastrous results. Swift set the blunder bar high during a particularly off-key duet with industry veteran Stevie Nicks--who herself seemed to struggle with hitting the high notes. But in what was undoubtedly the clumsy climax of the evening, butterfingered Swift broke one of her Grammy trophies. While attempting to pose with all four of her awards for photographers backstage, the 20-year-old songstress dropped one of them, smashing it into pieces. The award for most Grammy gaffes has to go to the night's big winner, America's country sweetheart Taylor Swift.

She is a very talented young country singer, so even if she was off-key with her duet and broke one of her trophies it doesn't matter she still a very good country singer and very successful one at her age.

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