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Is it Love or Pity?

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Being in a relationship or marriage that is not romantic anymore make us confuse if we pick the right person to spend the rest of our lives. We have doubts if we love that certain person or we just pity for some reason. For me I really do not know if there is still love between me and my husband. If there is love I think care and compassion would also be there as well as respect and trust. All I know right know is to live with him for the sake of our babies. Anyhow, I got this news letter on the mail from California Psychics that talks about the difference between Love or Pity. You might want to check out the site and find our more interesting predictions or information about relationship, love and life. Here is the newsletter and thought of sharing it here for my readers.

Is it Love or Pity?

Love vs compassion By Psychic Lucrecia

Did I fall in love, or did I feel compassion and empathy and think it was love? This question is one that is not asked enough. Most of us don't realize the difference ... so we stay in dysfunctional relationships trying to heal to the point of complete sacrifice of ourselves.

How Do You Recognize a Wounded Spirit? A wounded spirit will almost always bring a sense of sadness upon first meeting, and may reflect a lonely vibration. It may be difficult for them to laugh -- and easy for them to cry. Pessimism, whining, and complaining are usually all key signs of a wounded spirit.

How to Tell if it is Love or Pity Remember the first time you saw a wounded animal? Remember how you felt? It hurt you inside and probably made you cry -- even more so if you thought that you could not heal the animal. If you are an especially compassionate and an empathic person, those feelings are very easily confused with love.

What is Love? What does love feel like? My answer is that love feels good. Love is playful, fun, and freeing. You laugh a lot and cry little. At the end of the day you’re at peace with yourself and the person you love.

Outside of the daily real life challenges, such as illness and loss, which should bring natural compassion an empathy, love should make you feel good about yourself. In the arms of the one you love, you feel happy. You feel warm and fuzzy, and as you drift off to sleep with the one you love, whether on the phone or beside each other, you’re not afraid. Your mind is at complete rest. That is love.

What is Compassion? Compassion is being aware of the suffering of another with the desire to relieve the suffering.

What is Empathy? The mix of understanding their feelings and yours. Identifying through the self.

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