12 Date-Night Hair and Makeup Tips

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Our hair is said to be our crown and glory. It is one part of our body that attracts someone. Some people spends tons of money just to have a beautiful hair that will make them look different. It does make you look different when you have different style of hair and when you have make up on. I don't know how to put style on my hair and definitely am not an expert when it comes on make up. Thats why internet and information found in it can help us learn something. Just like this tips about Fashion and Beauty that I read at It is shared by group of expert people and resources. They have latest post about 12 Date-Night Hair and Makeup Tips that will help wow your man with your best ways to create sexy hair and makeup looks. Here you go, you might find it interesting and helpful.

1. Fake Fuller Hair
Mousse is unbeatable for building body — but tough to apply. Plopping it on deposits too much in one section; rubbing it in your palms first deflates its airiness. Try this trick from celebrity stylist Nathaniel Hawkins: Squirt a dollop onto a vent brush and stroke it through your hair. The product will slowly leak through the brush’s openings, distributing it from root to end. Shine's pick: TresemmĂ© Tres Mousse Extra Hold ($4, drugstores).

2. Completely Change Your Look
Hair extensions can make you look like a different person -- which can be fun for a night on the town with your guy. If your hair is shorter, attach several long hairpieces underneath your hair, then use a large curling iron to make big waves.

3. Go for the Gold
Mix a touch of liquid highlighter, like Benefit’s High Beam, ($24, Macy’s) with your foundation or moisturizer for an all-over glow.

4. Give Yourself a Manicure in 1 Minute
No need to keep him waiting — you can polish your nails in just 60 seconds. The Good Housekeeping Institute tested quick-drying formulas and found that Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish hardened in one minute without clumping or streaking.

5. Get Kissable Lips
For a finishing touch, dab the middle of your lower lip with a bit of silver or gold lip gloss. Any makeup artist worth his shimmer powder will tell you this is the fastest route to creating the illusion of fullness. But remember: If you blot or purse your lips, you'll blur the Jolie effect.

6. Make Your Eyes Look Larger
Place a lash curler at the roots of your lashes, then slowly "walk" it out to the tips, pressing as you go, says Sydney, Australia, makeup expert Napoleon Perdis. The curlier lashes will expose more of the whites of your eyes--making them look larger and brighter!

7. Give Yourself a Mini Face-Lift
Apply blush starting at your upper cheekbone (at the hairline near your ear) then brush across your cheek horizontally — not diagonally or downward — until you get to the center of your face. "You'll be thrilled to see the difference when your blush is darkest at the hairline and faded at the apples, instead of vice versa," says Murray, "because it's more youthful."

8. Go Shine-Free
Eliminate unsightly shine in seconds with blotting papers. If you need to perk up makeup too, blot first then follow with a dusting of pressed powder with a hint of luminescence.

9. Get Sexy Smoky Eyes
Getting a smoldering look is simple — just follow these steps! Use a black or gray pencil and trace your top lash line, then use that same pencil to dot in-between each lower eye lash. Use an eyeliner brush or cotton swab to smudge along the lash lines, and then line the inside of your eye with an eye pencil that matches your shadow. With an eye shadow brush, apply a darker shade of shadow to your lids, blend the colors up and out toward the brow bone. Apply two coats of mascara and you’re ready!

10. Create Glam Hairdo in Seconds
A sleek French twist is sure to impress. Gather your hair into a ponytail, twist it twice, tuck the end into the twist, and secure with bobby bins. Use serum to smooth flyaways and finish with hair spray.

11. Try On a New Scent
Ditch your favorite perfume for the night in favor of mixing things up and trying something new. Hit your local beauty counter and pick out a new scent. You’re sure to smell delicious and the change will be intoxicating!

12. Get Shinier Hair
Give heavy serums a time-out, and switch to a lightweight shine spray instead. “It’ll give you sparkle and reflection without weighing hair down,” says colorist Louis Viel of the Miano Viel Salon in New York City. Our picks: Umberto Beverly Hills Shimmer ($9, Target) and PrivĂ© Flash Brilliance ($19.50,

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