Personal essential

3:14 AM

Why are girls have so many private part to cover that boys? Sometimes, it's tiring wearing those personal undergarments but we have no choice but to put them on anyway. Not only a hassle but also expensive don't you agree? Nevertheless, sexy lingerie makes a woman feel sexy even if it's just an undergarments. If you buy branded one at the mall, it probably cost big amount of money but if you look online you surely find a cheaper one with quality brand.

Besides undergarments girls also wear make ups and other personal essentials such as lotion, pads and the likes. Why can't we just wash out face and put shirt on then done. That would be easy right but that's not how it works. Before when I was little I used to think that I wish I am a boy so I an just live my life the simple way. It's less hassle and it seems like you don't have to put so much effort. Anyway, these are just my personal thought.

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