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Boulder, Here We Come

4:17 PM

Post contributed by Toni Jensen
My position as membership and marketing director for a country club allows me the opportunity to make new friends. And I do not mean acquaintances. I get to know all my new members a bit, but we definitely do not become social friends. In the ten years that I have been here, I have been fortunate enough to meet some great people who have become friends and with whom I socialize outside of the club. One couple came from a small town in Arizona. When they were telling me about it and their transfer to Georgia, they explained that direct tv chandler heights was their television provider and found that it was an easy transition to set up the same viewing they were used to by staying with the same company. I have been a guest at their home more than once and we get better acquainted every time we gather. Actually, her daughter is getting married and I have been invited to the wedding. They are a fun, intelligent, and interesting couple and I am flattered that they want me to share in this happy occasion with them.

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