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I have been a member of this two website and enjoyed the freebies I got from them. So simple to join sign up and start earning points which you can redeem for free stuff or you can use to bid for free stuff. No money involve, just share and search and you'll earn credits. However, there are some points or ways that makes this two awesome site different from one another. Swagbucks you earn SB; a virtual money that you can use to redeem for cool prizes they have at their Swagbucks store. You can earn Swagbucks by searching using their toolbar. If you get lucky which is you will for sure, you will win SB for 12, 10, 20 depending on the SB you win. You can also earn SB by looking for the codes they give in their toolbar, blog, and promos. You can also win SB if you go to special offer, then click on the no obligation, you can skip through the offers and at the end you will get 2 or 3 SB.
What Is Swagbucks? is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise. Earn Swag Bucks periodically by taking part in one or more of the activities such as Search the Web, Complete Special Offers, Trading In Cell Phones And Video Games, Inviting your friends to join, Shopping in Shop & Earn Mall, Sending In Prize Photos and Videos, Finding Swag Codes and Submitting a Poll idea.
Redeem your Swag Bucks for exclusive products and more in the Swag Store.

What Is Listia?

Listia "auctions for free stuff" is a new kind of auction site where you bid on other people's stuff using credits instead of real money. They make it easy for users to get rid of stuff they don't need anymore and find stuff they want for free. Listia is a marketplace where people enjoy giving and getting items for free.

Every user gets 100 free credits after signing up and listing an item. The more popular your listing is, the more credits your auction will go for. You bid credits for things you want. So each thing goes to the person who wants it most! Getting more credits is easy, fun and most importantly, costs nothing!

All you have to do is as user lists something you don't want anymore. (like an old TV) or old bags and more. Other users will bid on the TV using credits they received for signing up, referring friends, or selling their own stuff. When the auction ends, the user who bid the highest amount of credits wins! The buyer gets the TV, and the seller gets credits to use for something else on Listia.
Easy jiffy right? so sign up now and enjoy the free while they last. Below are the latest freebies I got from Swagbucks and Listia. If its free that is me. Click the badge or links provided to get you started.

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