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My previous post was about my blog domain which I searches it on Swagbucks and found all my articles in that domain. I also found few links that related to my domain. Now, my domain is officially in Wordpress and all my post were imported there already. It's true there are tons and tons of free wordpress themes that you can download online. I am thankful to Mommyrubz of www.pinaymommyonline for doing all the hard work for me. She also handles the web hosting of my site as well as any other blogger that are using Worpress for their personal journal and business. I am not done putting the links in my blogroll, so in case you want to exchange link with me feel free to visit and leave your trails.

Another cool thing I just discovered, it maybe sound silly or late for me to discover this kind of thing. When I was checking the blog I followed I notice cute icon in the name like this one I put in my name ♥ShyMama♥. Its really cute though, who ever started this cute thingy icon thanks and good job. I was trying to find out how to manage the blogs you followed that it won't be shown in your dash board profile. Does anyone have an idea how to do that, would you mind to share? It's just that when you go to your profile a long list of blogs you followed will appear and you have to scroll down no where before you finish and find what you are looking for. Well, its not that big of a deal i was just curious how to manage it and make it disappear.

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